Pure C Facial for All $49/H

Reverse the sighs of aging that result from exposure to everyday environment factocs such as sunlight,smog,pollution and stress with this antioxidant rich treatment.

  • Reduce appearance of unwanted pigmentation

  • Restores elasticity and firmness

  • Helps repair damage to skin surface and prevent future damage

      Acne Facial $49/session

Improve skin clarity,reduce blemishes and soothe inflammation with our specially formulated acne facial treatment.The Rejuvena Acne Facial helps eliminate the underlying causes of breakouts.Get rapid relief for all types of breakouts from occasional hormonal episodes to severe acne.

  • Reduce acne blemishes,breakouts and inflammation

  • Improve skin clarity

  • Instantly soothes redness and reduces irritation

Anti-Aging Facial $49/session

Reveal vibrant, younger-looking skin with our targeted Anti-Aging Facial. Appropriate for all skin types, Rejuvena 7000 provides maximum exfoliation.  A unique patented blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory

  • Maximum exfoliation brightens and smooths dull,right skin

  • Minimizes appearance of fine line and wrinkles

  • Accelerate the improvement in skin texture,tone and appearance

Sensitive Skin Facial $49/session

Comfort and fortify sensitive skin with our gentle yet effective spa facial treatment for easily irritated skin.Our Murad Sensitive Skin Facial provides gentle exfoliation to reveal healthier,younger looking skin and supports skin health to help avoid future discomfort and sensitivity. Rapidly calm and hydrate skin to restore a supple, smooth,comfortable texture.Strengthen skin s barrier function and restore lost glow.

  • Provides gentle exfoliation to remove irritants

  • Minimizes redness and inflammation

  • Soothes,calms and hydrates

      Hair Cuts

   Kids Starting $12
  Senior Starting $12
  Men Starting $15.50
  Women Starting $18.00

 Highlights & Colors

  Highlights Starting $75
  Hair Color Starting $49

    Full Treatments

Hair Smoothing Service - Opti Smooth: $199

Deep Conditioning treatments: $25

                Hair Extensions - Retightening: Starting at $199
                Highlight Extensions: Starting at $5.00 per strand


  Complete Body Waxing $99.99

  SAVE $15

Hair Smoothing

Hair smoothing primarily is a hair care treatment that leaves hair smoother and silkier than before without changing the natural hair type. It is mostly just an alignment technique. If you have dull hair with split ends and want to make them manageable, this is the perfect option.

Hidden rainbow colored hair

Hidden rainbows are placed in spots not normally seen unless the hair is up